The New York School Of Interior Design’s Annual Gala Was As Festive As Ever

NYSID president David Sprouls Ellen Kravet Elizabeth Lawrence Andy Singer Gale Singer and Brian McCarthyNYSID president...

New York School of Interior Design president David Sprouls, presenter Ellen Kravet, and honorees Elizabeth Lawrence, Andy Singer, Gale Singer, and Brian McCarthy.Photo: Will Ragozzino

Icons of the design industry had cleared their calendars well in advance of last night’s New York School of Interior Design gala, the school’s largest annual fundraiser for student scholarships. Everyone from A-list decorators to brand leaders and antique auctioneers all packed the seventh floor great room of The University Club in Midtown for an elegant evening of dinner, drinks, and a celebration of NYSID’s award honorees.

The night began with a cocktail reception in the anteroom, where bartenders poured glasses of champagne and stirred up martinis for familiar faces like Jamie Drake, Ellie Cullman, and Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller. Guests were then ushered into the beautiful great room to the chimes of a xylophone, and each headed to their own numbered table.

Attendees enjoyed a fresh tomato salad as a first course, while listening as the evening’s emcee, Dennis Scully, brought the room’s attention to the night’s honorees. Alexa Hampton presented the Larry Kravet Design Industry Innovation Award to Gale and Andy Singer of Visual Comfort and Circa Lighting. Then, Elizabeth Williams, a partner at Bunny Williams Associates, accepted the Rising Star Award, presented in partnership with The Shade Store. In her acceptance speech, Lawrence also thanked Williams and remarked on her happy experiences and thorough education with the legendary decorator.

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“When I first began my studies at NYSID, I was new to the city, fresh out of college,” Lawrence tells AD PRO. “The rest of my friends had their first jobs, were going to happy hours and parties every weekend, while I was in my studio apartment drafting, cutting, glueing, tracing, and painting until the wee hours of the morning. I couldn’t have been happier. NYSID opened up a world to me, a career, a community, an industry. I never imagined that I could get a job doing the same thing that gave me joy as a child: decorating my Barbie dream house.”

The tentpole award of the evening, the Albert Hadley Lifetime Achievement Award, was given to AD100 designer Brian J. McCarthy. The award was presented not by another design-world insider, but by two of McCarthy’s many high-profile clients—Robert Holmes Tuttle, the former U.S. Ambassador to the U.K., and his wife Maria Hummer-Tuttle. While ambassador Tuttle quickly admitted to knowing nothing about interior design, he spoke highly of McCarthy’s inspiration and passion for his work.

Brian McCarthy.

Brian McCarthy.Photo: Matthew Carasella

A Coffee Grinder That Fits Your Millennial Interior Aesthetic

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Designer: Husky Design

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