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Game Creator And Poker Enthusiast To Launch Bold New Poker Variant

New York, NY, October 12, 2020 –(PR.Com)– Eran Agam (Mr. EM), founder of New Algo Gaming, today announced the launch of his Kickstarter campaign to promote his first game, Nuts N Guts, which is set to kick off on Oct. 14. Designed for pros and amateurs alike, Nuts N Guts bends traditional poker rules by combining traditional cards and custom wildcards for an experience designed to give a classic card game an amusing twist.

“I am thrilled to share this highly-entertaining, hilarious game with the world,” said Mr. EM, the game’s creator. “As a long-time poker fanatic, my friends and I would always look for ways to spice up our poker nights. Nuts N Guts is ultimately the product of years of innovation and fun with friends all packaged together.”

Nuts N Guts is made for an audience of 18 and up, and can be played with between 2 to 9 people. The game has 83 cards, each containing hand cards, the cards you use to win the game, and wild cards, which can completely change the game. Players can expect to “attack” other players with the game’s unique, high-energy gameplay. Every card in the deck features customized, original artwork.

“Wild cards are at the heart of this game,” said Mr. EM. “For example, the ‘bare naked’ wild card forces a player to play with his hand open, so other players can more easily bluff with weaker cards.”

The ongoing global pandemic has pushed the world to adopt a more flexible work environment, with more businesses moving completely virtual. Mr. EM kept with the trend, designing, planning, and executing Nuts N Guts remotely.

As a result of coronavirus, people have had to limit their exposure to the outside world. “We couldn’t be releasing this game at a better time,” said Mr. EM. “While COVID-19 has shaken the world, people have had to find ways to entertain themselves indoors, and we are excited to bring the fun to them.”

Mr. EM has a strong focus on environmental responsibility, designing Nuts N Guts with high-grade, casino-quality card stock that is highly durable and can easily be recycled, along with the traditional poker tin packaging. Mr. EM also chose a production company that protects forests and sources materials from well-managed, sustainable environments.

“A sustainable solution was a must when crafting the materials,” said Mr. EM. “We all have a responsibility to serve the environment in all we create.”

About Nuts N GutsNuts N Guts is a fast-paced, highly-entertaining casual variation of poker made with an original deck of cards, combining hand cards and wild cards. Game lovers who seek adrenaline, focus and plenty of laughter will feel close to home with this poker variant. Playing Nuts N Guts will not only boost your dopamine levels but also remind you why you love poker so much.

About Eran AgamEran Agam (Mr. EM) is a poker and data algorithm expert with over 20 years of experience building data & strategy related algorithms for poker and other games and industries. Nuts N Guts is his first original game.

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CAO Announces Expansion Of The Condominium Authority Tribunal And The Launch Of Another Digital First!

Following the government’s amendments to Ontario Regulation 179/17, under the Condominium Act, 1998, effective October 1, 2020, the CAO’s Condominium Authority Tribunal can now receive applications for more dispute types. In addition to the current records-related disputes, owners, mortgagees, and condo corporations can now file applications with the CAT for disputes about provisions in the corporation’s governing documents related to:

“We welcome the CAT’s expansion, and we are so pleased to offer our enhanced dispute resolution service to owners, mortgagees and condo corporations across Ontario.” said Heather Zordel, Chair of the CAO’s Board of Directors. “To date, the CAT has issued 103 binding decisions and orders on records-related cases. These have been a catalyst for enhanced accountability and transparency related to the obligations related to access to records. Now, with the increased jurisdiction, the CAT will be able to resolve more disputes and bring further clarity regarding these issues in condos.”

The CAT’s Online Dispute Resolution System (CAT-ODR) is Canada’s first fully online tribunal, offering a three-stage dispute resolution process – Negotiation, Mediation, and Adjudication. The CAT-ODR allows individuals to participate online from anywhere in an innovative, user-friendly and cost-effective manner. The expansion of the CAT’s jurisdiction to handle disputes related to the corporation’s governing documents required enhancements to the CAT-ODR system, which now supports cases involving three or more parties, and the participation of witnesses and intervenors.

The CAT-ODR offers an “asynchronous” approach, which means that users don’t always participate in their case at the same time. This gives users the flexibility to balance their time and priorities by participating in a case at their own pace and on their own schedule.

“This is an exceptional milestone for the CAO. I am very proud of the team and their work over the past year and a half to prepare for the tribunal’s expanded jurisdiction,” said Robin Dafoe, CEO and Registrar. “The launch of the enhanced CAT-ODR system is another digital-first for the organization and achieves another one of our goals for bringing value to condominium owners and boards across Ontario.”

Previously, owners and condo corporations involved in these types of disputes had to go through costly private mediation, arbitration, or the courts. Now, thanks to the CAT’s expanded jurisdiction, these types of cases will come exclusively to the tribunal.

“The CAT is user-centric in its design and approach,” said Ian Darling, Chair of the CAT. “We understand the impact these disputes can have on condo owners and corporations and between neighbours. The CAT-ODR online system provides our expert mediators and adjudicators with an effective and adaptable tool to help resolve condo issues as early as possible and, where necessary, settle disputes.”

The CAO welcomes this expanded mandate increase to the CAT’s jurisdiction. We look forward to continuing to support Ontario’s condominium owners and corporations.

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